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Our Mission

Why Are We Doing This?

To have a life taken from someone so young and so looking forward to what life was going to offer, doesn’t mean that the energy stops. Adams legacy is evolving through those who were fortunate enough to have him in their lives, and this energy is perpetual.

We want as many young people as possible to experience what really gave Adam his energy…. He loved helping people, making them laugh and seeing smiles on people’s faces. He loved music, playing his guitar and riding his bike.…We saw the impact these activities had on Adam, and in turn, we want everyone who wishes to play an instrument or ride a bike, to be able to, with no boundaries, no hurdles, no barriers.

No one deserves to be forgotten says the song, no one deserves to fade away. No one deserves to have their dreams and opportunities taken away. The Adam Barry foundation is here to put smiles back on faces for those who have suffered bereavement, and to those who are committed to enjoying life and aspire to do so by making their way through, with music or activity. Adams passions will never be forgotten, just like the amazing you man himself.

What Are We Doing?

The power of the collective, you and I, others we know and others we love.

We are working together to raise funds to ensure we are putting smiles back on faces for those who have endured loss and bereavement, and to ensure support within musical education and cycling events and activities are never too far away for those who need it.

Personal freedom liberates the mind and body. It opens the opportunities socially and creatively.  Who always wanted a bike?   But for some activity may not be as precious as music…music drives our senses, make us sing, smile, want to do dance …music is a talent, yet some who possess don’t have the opportunity, and that’s why we are here. Show us a young person who wants to learn music and we will show the how and help that journey.

Who Are We Doing This For?

We are doing this initially to support Treetops Bereavement Counselling services who provide bereavement counselling services to those who are struggling after bereavement.

The Barry family have firsthand experience of the service and its importance to those who need it, and putting smiles back on faces in Adam’s name is key to our mission.   We hope to be successful enough to expand funding to other amazing institutions that support the bereavement space.

We are also initially supporting The Adam Barry Music Fund at Adams school, Friesland School.  The fund supports those students that have a passion, a drive and desire to experience music, to push their boundaries, but may not be able to afford instruments or lessons.

Again, we hope to be successful enough to expand this out to other organisations promoting musical education.

How Are We Going To Do This?

Well firstly and above all, like Adam would of, with a smile, with energy and most importantly with compassion. The vehicle?  Music events & gigs, balls, sporting events, auctions, by fundraising activities of individuals and companies that are supporters of the Adam Barry Foundation…all the activities that help us smile and give to a truly worthy cause built around this giving young man.

The key thing is to keep an eye on this site, this is where we will direct you and tell you more. And just like Adam we will never stop talking about the “Good Stuff”